Enhanced "Dynamic" Bio-Technology

A Global Solution to a Global Epidemic...

Our Technology

A very exciting time is upon us, as the threshold from STATIC to DYNAMIC Bio-technology has been crossed. Our first consortium consists of 3 bacterial and one IP Protected Eukayote that work as a group for Targeted Recovery and Remediation. When the medical research industry discovered "dynamic" organisms resisting drugs or Cancer cells all of a sudden resisting treatment, it spurred a Research era and progress never seen before in the industry around Targeted Therapies and Disease control. Once you discover a "Dynamic" biotechnology you immediately open the door to "synthetic engineering", man made "Environmental Super Soldiers" that can replace ALL current recovery and remediation technologies. For the first time in history, we now know what the genetic code of an intelligent, augmentable species is. Its the most exciting time for mining and industrial industry in a very long time. The following is the breakdown of HOW our technology is complete Evolution to any of the last 100 years of bio-mining...


Simply put, at this level of organism, Intelligence simply means its ability to learn and adapt to survive in different surroundings with different food sources. This feature allows us to study them and stress them like bacteria could NEVER be stressed to find out what they are capable of in the way of mine chemistry.


This is HOW they survive once they learn, by augmenting their internal metabolism. They can change how they breathe and eat, modifying how they produce ATP or Energy which enhances their reproduction. This miraculous transformation allows us to put them into all kinds of scenarios for them to interfere or enhance the mine chemistry we want. From Acidic Base Metal Leaching to alkaline Remediation, their amazing transformations take all the frustration surrounding the previously used bacteria and trying to keep them alive.


Years and Years of studying and watching their reactions and transformations lead our genius head scientist, and founder, Dr. Vasu Appanna to understand that we can actually program them for the material and environment by adjusting a "Recipe" of nutrients, catalysts and specific Carbon Sources. Simply put we give them the tools they need to enter into the mineralogy and perform the necessary chemistry, reducing the time they take to learn and adapt on their own. Its this research into programmability that will lead us into the next 5 years to find out just what they are capable of.

Our Service

Draw from the most talented and experienced bio-scientists and engineers in the world as we work with you to bring your footprint lower than it ever has been. Whether it be Pre-treatment, Recovery, Remediation or Waste Water Systems our staff of the top scientists in the world can help you make the right decisions at the right time.


We will work closely with your team to design and plan your project using dynamic bio-technology. Whether it be in-situ, heap leaches or Reactor driven solutions, our team can help you from start to finish on implementing your project.


The first phase in all of our projects is called "Discovery". This is where we spend significant time "programming" our technology specifically for your mineralogy and desired metals. At the end of this phase, your company will have a pre-feasability study to determine the basic economics of using our technology. Unlike the 1st Generation bacteria, this step is crucial as we find the optimal environment for your material in temperature, pH, Oxygen Levels if any, and Carbon source.


Once Discovery has demonstrated positive results, we will run your material through a detailed Simulation Phase, where we can test a bulk sample of 10 tons specifically for your project. This stage is where we start to drill down to your specific project and the challenges it faces, from environment of location, to heap leach vs reactor based, to any aglomeration issues. Our goal is to work out all the kinks and issues here BEFORE we set up on site. Once completed, your company will receive a detailed bio-feasability Study, outlining the final economics and blueprint to begin implementation onsite.


By crossing into a world of Dynamic Technologies, Bio-Mine Ltd. has and will continue to discover applications these guys are capable of. Each application is at different stages of Research and Development, some are ready for commercialization, and some are still in development. Thats what makes Bio-Mine Ltd. such an exciting company. As a current or potential Partner in mining, oil or Waste Water you can sign on for one of the applications below, and drive the development through your company.

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Base Metals Leaching i.e Copper, Nickel...
Commercial Ready

Unlocking from Pyrite
Commercial Ready

Unlocking from Calcopyrite
Stage 3

Unlocking from Arsenopyrite
Stage 3

Unlocking from Carbonaceous Material
Stage 3

Gold / Silver Leaching System
Stage 2

Complete Cyanide Elimination System
Commercial Ready

Complete Hydrocarbon Elimination System
Stage 3

Arsenic Stabilization System
Stage 3

Tailings Heavy Metals Reduction System
Stage 3

Acid Mine Drainage Prevention System
Stage 2

PGM Leaching System
Stage 1

Rare Earths Leaching System

Stage 1

Mercury Stabilization System
Stage 2

Waste Water Treatment Module
Stage 3

Advanced Research

Crossing the threshold betweek STATIC and DYNAMIC bio-technology has opened up a whole new landscape for new research and Development. Now that we know what a species looks like that can augment and adapt, we can now begin studying them and their genetic information, learning how to one day create our own "super soldiers". We will plug into the PhD programs of the top mine research Universities to draw from the most talented of scientists to drive the Research behind Dynamic and Synthetic Bio and Nano Technologies, through our mining partners for commercialization. This model is based on the Medical Research Model, so we know it works. We now need our partners so we can advance this technology shift quickly towards the previously impossible "Zero-Footprint" Mining Company.

Meet Our Founders / Executives

Our team is made up of the combination of the most talented PhD bio-scientists, students and Executive minds, combining their skillsets to bring Bio-Mine Ltd. to life.

Kurtis Vanwallegham

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vanwallegham brings 28 years of "high-tech" Executive Experience to Bio-Mine Ltd. He built his first high-tech corporation when he was 21 years old, and hasn't looked back since culminated in winning "Young Entrepreneur of the Year", Northern Ontario Business Awards 1999. He brings 10 years of experience in Advanced Environmental Systems in waste water treatment allowing Bio-Mine Ltd. to provide complete solutions using our game changing dynamic bio-technology. His experience in the contracting and consulting aspect of Environmental solutions, along side our second to none science team, has turned Bio-Mine Ltd. into a world leader.

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Dr. Vasu Appanna

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Vasu Appanna is a Professor of Biochemistry at Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, where he has been working on how microorganisms interact with metals for than 25 years. Dr. Appanna has done his doctoral work at the University of Waterloo and has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles. He has collaborated world-wide on numerous metal-related projects and secured funding in excess of 2 million dollars from national and international organizations to execute a variety of research activities. He has trained more than 150 post-doctoral, PhD, MSc and BSc personnel. He has also served as Chair of Department and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering for several years. He is a board member of biotechnology companies in Canada and overseas and the editor of numerous scientific journals. Dr. Appanna has also been a visiting professor/scientist at universities in France, Hungary, India, Chile and Republic of Georgia.

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“We Shall Require a substantially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive” - Albert Einstein

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