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The Concept

A very exciting time is upon us, as Environmental Technologies are the fastest growing sector in the world. Bio-Mine Ltd. started 3 years ago with 1 game-changing technology for mining, and has evolved into a global incubator for research technologies with value added benefits to the Sustainable mine site, giving these amazing researchers an avenue for them to commercialize their technology through our Environmental Solutions Delivery Partner (Green Mine Sites Inc.) Bio-Mine Ltd. has spent years establishing numerous working partnerships with mining companies of all sizes from Jr, to the Majors, setting the table for these incredible technologies and processes to easily find their way to real world mining sites, which is the biggest challenge for any researcher thinking of commercialization.

We set all this up with our first technology, the Dynamic, Augmenting Consortium of Microbes that adapt to all kinds of mineralogy in all kinds of environments, evolution to all biomining in the world. It was this award winning innovation, that allowed us to penetrate the mining industry. All this hard work in establishing the trusting relationships with mining companies through successful project and pilots, has led us to this evolution of our company, expanding our portfolio and helping other Non-Toxic technologies find their way to the real world mine sites, through our technology incubator.

How does this Benefit....
1. The Researchers.
Even the greatest discoveries or technologies need awareness and marketing before anybody will look at them. This requires major investment of money and time to accomplish, and in most cases the technoogy never gets off ground and remains in the lab forever, not because of the value, but because of the lack of support and awareness. Bio-Mine Ltd. knows this all too well, as we navigated through it for the last 3 years, costing major investment of time and money to establsh a very impressive network of mining partners. We know that Researchers are not entrepreneurs, and commercializing is NOT just about the research. If a Researcher is accepted into the incubator, it will give them an instant path to an international consortium of mining companies, that can immediately put the technology into real mine sites. This commercialization blueprint, will allow the researchers to concentrate on what they do best... research, and benefit them with tremendous financial returns for their technology. Bio-Mine Senior science team will continue to scour the earth to uncover the best of the best in non-toxic science and engineering that could find their way onto a mine site, and bring these scientists and engineers under our incubator, fast-tracking their commercialization.

2. The Mining Companies...
Mining companies are not researchers, and thus in order for them to continue operating with the Environmental restrictions only tightening, they are forced to try and find technologies to enhance their Environmental Innovation Mandate, and this scattered approach forces them to deal with dozens of different researchers from all over the world, in trying to identify what is real and marketable and what isn't. And this is costing the mining companies millions of dollars and major human resources, trying to become a tech company hoping to find the very few technologies with actual real benefit. Bio-Mine Ltd. has centralized and consolidated numerous value added technologies under one delivery system. This allows our partners to outsource Environmental Mine Technology to our incubator and only have to work with ONE partner in indentifying and commercializing the best and working technologies at their mine sites. This partnership will save millions of dollars for the mining companies in costs and resource time, allowing them to concentrate on actual mining, plus it will dramatically reduce their risk associated with early stage innovation. This concept is a working model and has been very successful for 30 years or more in the IT world of Silicon Valley.

Our Service

Similar to tech incubation in Silicon Valley, Bio-Mine Ltd. provides a detailed evaluation of the technology and its application on a mine site, along with the economics and timelines for realistic commercialization. Once a technology has been identified as a fit, an engine is put in place with the plan to take the technology from the lab to the mine site. This is a tremendous opportunity for researchers, as we try and fastrack their technology to an actual mining contract. The scientists and engineers will become part of our incubator and have access to all projects from all partners around the world.

Some of the services offered are...

Research Support

Bio-Mine Ltd. has already established a research facility specifically for mining. These facilities may be of value in designing the experiments specifically for the mining industry. Also we have a team of internal mining knowledge to assist in establishing the experiments to represent what might happen on a typical mine site. We provide whatever research support is needed to drive it to commercialization.

Pilot Program Management

To every researcher in the world, getting out of the lab is the most difficult part, and requires a lot more than just the technology. It requires marketing,and an industry network who will listen; an entrepreneurial component that most researchers and universities do not have. Bio-Mine Incubator is the bridge, connecting these 2 forces, the research and the mining customer. This arduous task takes experience and a know-how on high-tech commercialization, which 99% of the time, the scientists just don't posess. Bio-Mine Ltd. has over 30 years experience in high-tech commercialization, and has painstakingly built this "bridge" over the last 3 years, signing many of the biggest and most progressive mining giants as partners, who are providing mines sites around the world for the Incubator to pilot our commercial ready innovations. This very difficult and expensive task to create this industry trusted incubator will pave the road of our very talented scientists and engineers to find profit from their hard work.

Investment / Management

Sometimes the research is stuck or at a crossroads for funding, or may require managment guidance to assist in the commercialization. Bio-Mine Ltd. has a team of management with 30+ years of tech commercialization experience and education. We have close contacts and memberships into all divisions of the federal and provincial government with environmental mandates, with numerous applications for specific project funding for our technologies. Our private mining partners are also supporting all funding, providing the necessary private sector partnerships, most applications require. We have access to many private equity avenues, that have turned their attention to our incubator and will actively take presentations for private equity opportunities.
Essentially, our incubator can provide all management and facilitation of the business side of the technology, to allow the scientists and engineers to flourish in their research without having to worry about funding or entrepreneurial direction. They become a member of a much larger team and opportunity then they could ever accomplish alone.

The Process

Obviously not every innovation out there is right for our incubator. Our end game is Sustainable Mine Sites, therefore the technologies all must contribute to reaching this goal. From pre-treatment, recovery and tailings to possible water and waste handling, the technology must fit our mandate, AND must have a realistic possibilty to work on a mine site. Our evaluators will scour the earth to find and develop the best in Sustianable Mine Technologies. <br> The following is the process,,,


Bio-Mine Ltd. will conduct a detailed evaluation of the technology, from a science to a business angle. This may entail presentations from the researchers and site visits by our evaluation team. Bio-Mine will put the technology in front of a significant number of mining partners to ensure we have their support before selecting it.


Once selected, a negotiation process is undertaken with the researcher and Bio-Mine Ltd. to determine the contract structure and partnership to be formed. A joint venture will be formed outlining the financial structure of the parties, and responsibilities of each moving forward with the mining projects. A contract is put in place that is satisfactory to both parties, with an agreed share in all revenue generated by the technology through our mining partners.


IF the researcher and Bio-Mine Ltd. make it past the above phases, the engine immediately goes into action, driving the technology to the mine sites. An immediate presentation is made and put in front of the mining partners, and a pilot program is established with the ultimate goal of a bulk sample scale demonstration. Bio-Mine Ltd. will provide what is needed according to the contract in fostering the development of the technology and delivery to the mining companies.

If the technology survives all this, and gets past a real site demo stage, it will become part of our "Sustainable Mine Sites" around the world and instantly have access to all of the projects we work on.

Incubator Divisions

In order to build an actual Sustainable Mine Site, numerous advanced technologies and engineering are required to replace the old school systems being used today. This is NOT a simple undertaking, and thats why Bio-Mine Ltd. was created, to find and develop the necessary science and engineering to accomplish such a bold goal. If you are a researcher or inventor, the following are the mine site categories identified for our incubator. If you have some non-toxic or environmenatlly safer technology for any of these categories, please contact Bio-Mine Ltd. to join the incubator and get your technology to the mining companies. We are looking for the best and the brightest in the fields of:

  • Biological Engineering
  • Organic / Inorganic Chemistry
  • Molecular Science
  • CRISPR Genetic Engineering
  • Nano-technology
  • Process Design and Engineering

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Mine Site Specific
Tailings Management

Base Metals Recovery i.e Copper, Nickel...

Unlocking from Pyrite

Unlocking from Calcopyrite

Unlocking from Arsenopyrite

Unlocking from Carbonaceous Material

Gold / Silver Recovery

Cyanide Elimination

Hydrocarbon Elimination

Heavy Metals Management

Acid Mine Drainage Prevention

Remediation / Stabilization


Water Management

Energy Management

Air Quality

Waste Management

Meet Our Founders / Executives

Our team is made up of the combination of the most talented PhD Environmental scientists, Engineers, PhD students and project managers combining their skillsets to bring Bio-Mine Ltd. to life.

Kurtis Vanwallegham

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vanwallegham brings 28 years of "high-tech" Executive Experience to Bio-Mine Ltd. He built his first high-tech corporation when he was 21 years old, and hasn't looked back since culminated in winning "Young Entrepreneur of the Year", Northern Ontario Business Awards 1999. He brings 10 years of experience in Advanced Environmental Systems trained in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard, allowing Bio-Mine Ltd. to provide complete solutions surrounding technology on a Sustainable Mine Site. Mr. Vanwallegham brings 28 years of understanding entrepreneurial marketability surrounding technologies and innovations.

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Dr. Vasu Appanna

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Vasu Appanna is a Professor of Biochemistry at Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, where he has been working on how microorganisms interact with metals for than 25 years. Dr. Appanna has done his doctoral work at the University of Waterloo and has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles. He has collaborated world-wide on numerous metal-related projects and secured funding in excess of 2 million dollars from national and international organizations to execute a variety of research activities. He has trained more than 150 post-doctoral, PhD, MSc and BSc personnel. He has also served as Chair of Department and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering for several years. He is a board member of biotechnology companies in Canada and overseas and the editor of numerous scientific journals. Dr. Appanna has also been a visiting professor/scientist at universities in France, Hungary, India, Chile and Republic of Georgia.

“We Shall Require a substantially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive” - Albert Einstein

Message From the CEO

Bio-Mine Ltd. started this journey a few years back with one game-changing biotechnology, an evolution to all bio-mining in the world. I have spent countless hours in boardrooms and in conference halls presenting and broadcasting what we believe it will take to build "Sustainable Mine Sites". As great as our first technology is, its only 1 piece to this very complicated and radical puzzle. And to make it worse, some of the pieces of this puzzle aren't even made yet.
During our weekly brainstorm meetings, nothing is considered a bad idea or crazy. I instituted this open policy, because thats what its going to take to create a "100% Sustainable Mine Site." Our mining partners all have an incredible ability to support thinking and ideas that are NOT of the normal mindset, and thats why they will lead this reboot. I can't say its been an easy road to get where we are. There have been many slammed doors in the beginning, but now I can start to see all the hard work paying off just in the reception of some these incredible leaders in the industry to what Bio-Mine Ltd. is building. Our mining partners are our lifeline. Without them, we wouldn't be here today. Here's to a very bright future in a new world of Environmental Mining. Join us!

Kurtis Vanwallegham
CEO - Bio-Mine Ltd.

Submit to Incubator

If you are a researcher or institution or just an inventor with an incredible Sustainable technology that could apply to mining, reach out and contact us at Bio-Mine Ltd. Let us help you take it to the next level. If you are selected, it will be the best decision you made as a researcher. Please include in your name, affiliations, and a brief description on the technology...

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