Samples of Projects

Gravy Train for Operators

We have partnered with a couple of senior producers to see if our team could bio-engineer a custom "community" of fungi and bacteria that could feed on the mineralogies from old tails where an economic amount of metals could still be leached. Our team began the long road to identify, through advanced DNA Genomic sequencing specfic members of our bank that could flourish on the tails, and oxidize all types of sulfides, along with contributions to solubilizing the desired metals in a very low cost heap leaching scenario. Unlike the biomining of the past, trying to use existing single bacteria species found in the tails, our resulting community will be engineered with very specific species working together to economically recover the low grade metals. this advanced meta genomics will lead out team towards new and more powerful enzymes or other organics that may contribute to the metals recovery from the tails. This highly detailed RNA/DNA sequencing work takes time, but if successful, will produce a very low cost, highly profitable and clean process for extracting valuable metals from old tailings.

Tailings Nightmare

A historical tailings pond, deemed unstable to government officials was mandated to treat within a time frame. This intermediate producer came to Bio-Mine Ltd. because the remote location of the pond made conventional treatment processes too expensive to build, and required a less expensive solution. This project gave birth to our M.A.T.T (Mobile Autonomous Tailings Treatment) system prototype which is being designed and constructed here in our facility, which will allow operators to safely and economically start treating their legacy ponds with very little human resources and capex.

Cyanide is Now 0-Footprint

A senior producer came to us to see if we could design a cleaner REDOX to replace the Inco SO2 process which has multiple moving parts and uses Sulfur based oxidants which can potenitally contribute to larger amounts of Thiocyanate (SCN), and other sulfur bi-products in the pond instead of the desired Cyanate (OCN). Bio-Mine team spent 2 years developing a proprietary chemistry for Cyanide Detox designed as a Clean In-situ REDOX reaction that produces a highly reactive Super Oxygen radical on the fly, and rapidly oxidizes the Cyanide to Cyanate only producing water and Dissolved oxygen as the electrons move. This means NO bi-products, as it essentially disappears after a short time. This breakthrough system is now being finalized to replace the INCO SO2 process completely, as a less expensive, and much cleaner solution to Cyanide detox. We then further treat the pond with our programmed extreme biotech which consumes the Cyanate, and for the first time ever, completely eliminate all traces of the Cyanide family in the final ponds.

Cleaner Mining Only...

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Bio-Mine Ltd, and its world-wide network are looking to add more mining partners, from Jr. to intermediate to majors. Mine Process toxicity is a global issue, and with the years of research and extensive knowledge of our scientists, we are building NEW flowsheets for cleaner processing and detoxification, using the latest in biotech, organics and REDOX chemistry, along with advanced cleaner processes and engineering.

If you have a project you wish to investigate cleaner processes and/or technologies with respect to mine recovery and/or remediation, please send us a quick note, and someone will contact you right away..

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