Bio-Mine Services - Incubator

Bio-Mine understands the monumental undertaking of cleaning up the mining process. No single technology or single company can accomplish it. Thats why Bio-Mine started in 2015 as an "incubator", scouring the globe looking for strategic innovators with clean technologies that we could incorporate into our suite of tools for our mine operator partners. The goal of the incubator was to foster the innovation and research these companies already had begun in any way we could, helping them to bring their technology or innovation to market. Our search criteria was very rigid... it has to be 0-footprint, and practical enough to justify an operator spending money to use it.
Bio-Mine can provide a 7000 sq ft mining lab facility for testing purposes, some of the top science minds in the fields of cleantech AND if the first phases of incubation work out, the ability to bring the technologies to the mining companies through our operator partner network. This collaborative approach has added a few incredible cleantech innovations from outside partners that Bio-Mine is now incorporating into our 0-footprint designs. Similar to how big tech in Silicon Valley go to incubators for innovation, we are trying to provide a similar "incubator" model for large mine operators to find Cleantech Innovation.



In the field of pre-treatment we have some advanced oxidation technologies and processes designed to enhance the oxidation of the ore prior to recovery both in the Gold and Base Metals slurries. These technologies may work very well with our internal Bio-tech Pre-treatment system.


For recovery we are currently incubating polymers and lixiviants that can enhance recovery from precious metals and base metals, and eventually replace all toxic methods like Cyanide.

Detox / Remediation

Bio-mine is currently incubating some amazing cleantech that can be implemented in our tailings treatment /detox plant. Organics, zeolites and biopolymers are just a couple of the tech being evaluated for safely treating mine water of toxicity like cyanate, heavy metals, ammonia and TSS...etc.