Corporate History

Bio-Mine started in 2015, in a closet office in Sudbury Ontario Canada, with a discovery of an extreme adaptive bio-community made up of combination eukaryote / Prokaryote species working together to adapt and survive in harsh environments, producing nickel and copper in solution in the process. A very small test-group of operators were chosen to begin the development of this discovery, culminating in being awarded Top 5 selection in the 2017 Goldcorp Disrupt Mining Challenge, being recognized as potential game changing by industry heavyweaghts like David Harquail - Franco Nevada and Rob McEwen - McEwen Mining.

Today, only a few short years later, Bio-Mine has expanded its divisions into safe chemistry and controlled REDOX reactions to compliment our advanced research into the next stages of biomining with DNA/RNA sequencing and CRISPR work developing our own custom bio-communities based on extremeophile adaptive families. In 2018, we moved into our new 7500 sq foot lab facility, as Clean Mine Processing is the forefront of our research and development. With multiple clean technologies in development for leaching and detoxifying, Bio-Mine has assembled a network of the finest in science and engineering to begin work on the worlds first CLEAN recovery plant prototype to start processing minerals safely, and reduce or eliminate tailings water.

Bio-Mine Mandates

Specializing in designing and developing cleaner processes and technologies to lower the footprint of mine sites world-wide.


Bio-Mine and its network world-wide are conducting the latest and most comprehensive research in clean mine solutions, from Biological engineering and DNA/RNA of potential bio-communities to advanced clean chemistry and REDOX, developing cleaner products for leaching and detoxification.

Custom Solutions

Bio-Mine believes the future of mining is not generic processes to fit all projects. Every project is different and every mineralogy or tailings composition is different. Bio-Mine Ltd and its team meticulously picks apart the chemistry going on in each slurry or tailings and designs custom solutions using only low footprint products and processes to accomplish our operator partner goals whether it be pre-treatment, recovery, remediation or all 3.

True 0-Footprint - Eliminate the Surface

This is what a Bio-Mine mine site would look like. For undergound mining, the ultimate "0-footprint" mine site will look like it did when the operator arrived. Underneath this beautiful surface is a highly profitable mining operation, safely processing the metals, detoxing and treating the water while pumping the leachate to the surface, leaving the rock undergound. Starting in 2019 this has become the Bio-Mine Corporate Mandate. Everything we reserarch and/or develop will be mobile, clean, and able to easily permit for underground processing. In-Situ Mining, we believe is the ultimate future. Imagine the Capex savings to operators with nothing on the surface. Imagine how fast the permitting would go, the impact on all the issues on the surface like water, pollution, land, and headaches surrounding social and corporate responsibility to the people. The impact would be staggering. For Bio-Mine this vision is now clear... Eliminate the Surface.

Message from the Chief Science Officer

Bio-Mine Ltd. started this journey a few years back with one game-changing biotechnology, an evolution to all bio-mining used today. What we are today is a complete solutions provider for operators wanting to lower their footprint in the processing part of their business. Expansions into the fields of REDOX chemistry and organics on top of advanced DNA sequencing of custom bio-communities engineered right in our lab has made Bio-Mine Ltd. one of the most advanced cleantech solutions providers for mine operators world wide. Years of incubation and advanced research complete with many failures, always with the support of our mine operator partners has culminated in this incredible future for cleaner mine processing and tailings management.
Our weekly brainstorm sessions are some of the most amazing and fun experiences for me as any and all ideas are welcomed no matter how crazy they may be. Taking our cue from the research in the medical field has led to some incredible discoveries for clean mining. Its like the running joke here at Bio-Mine, the human body is simply a living tailings pond, with all the same issues for remediation, so the answers lie in ourselves.
Here's to a very bright future in a new world of Environmental Mine Processing. Join us!

Dr. Vasu Appanna - PhD
Chief Science Officer