Bio-Mine Services - Consulting

Bio-Mine has formed one of the most advanced groups in environmental consulting worldwide. With the addition of top scientists and engineers in their fields, Bio-Mine offers very specialized consulting services to mining companies. Developing any project with a footprint as a top priority takes care and collaboration to utilize the knowledge base in the fields needed while maintaining practicality like economics and time, which are crucial for mine operators to maintain profit. Bio-Mine is very specialized and does not wish to compete against "conventional" engineering companies who design and consult on conventional mine solutions every day, but focus solely on eliminating all traces of the footprint sites leave behind when the project is completed. Bio-Mine has a corporate mandate of collaboration, and has built a network of partners worldwide each with experience in their particular field or technology. Bio-Mine and its partners continue to drive the footprint down on surface projects today, while keeping the ultimate goal in the forefront of eliminating the surface completely, and moving everything underground for recovery, water treatment and detox. The true 0-Footprint site.



As metals become harder and harder to extract due to refractory natures of the ore bodies, Bio-Mine has a complete research division surrounding REDOX and Bio-tech for the purpose of pre-treatment. Our staff can perform detailed Life Science type analysis to give us clues as to how we can boost recovery using our suite of pre-treatment technologies, whether that be our advanced clean oxidation or our programmed bio-tech communities. Bio-Mine works closely with our partners on projects helping them increase recovery while lowering the footprint of the site. Whether it be advanced heap leaching or refinery based treatments, as long as its clean, Bio-Mine can help.


Of course nothing is more crucial to operators then the actual recovery of the metals, and Bio-Mine knows this, as it opened a division for low footprint recovery 2 years ago. We work with our partners again on each ore body in identifying low toxic solutions to enhance or boost recovery, without sacrificing profit. Our consulting mandate is the "bottom line", as sometimes to lower the footprint means lowering recovery, so Bio-Mine focuses on profit and not just gross recovery. IF an operator is going to embrace environmental and get less metals out, then the recovery solution better also lower costs, to keep profit in tact. The ultimate destination in this will be when all recovery of metals can be done under ground, eliminating the costs of the surface altogether.

Detox / Remediation

And finally but not any less important is remediation. Utilizing cleantech solutions for mine toxicity is not easy, and isn't accomplished with just one technology or one process. It takes a mindset and a bigger picture approach. Bio-Mine and its network deal in cleantech every day, researching and developing technologies and processes that can work in sequence to detox or remediate the mine wastes. We work closely with the operators and their team to bring high level science and technology experience to the table, so the operator can design effective and economic solutions for remediation, fulfilling their objectives of lowering the footprint on the mine sites, and trying to prevent disasters we see. This is what separates Bio-Mine from conventional.