Bio-Mine Research - Biological Engineering

In any industry using innovation to advance requires a tremendous amount of Research, and mining is no different. Bio-Mine is committed to understanding and advancing the science of mine processing, and its this commitment that requires a lot of high level research. Months and months of trials and experimentation go into discovering potential products and processing that are safer for our environment. Our grass roots started in the biotechnology field with the discovery of an incredible adaptable extreme community or prokaryotes and eukaryotes that demonstrated a range of biochemical capabilities for mine processing in a variety of different environments, which has led our team into the world of custom bio-communities and their interactions with the ore, and how we can enhance, strengthen or even synthesize those interactions. Our bank of organisms has expanded focusing on those extremeophiles, taking our team into the world of custom communities and DNA/RNA genomic analysis and custom bio-engineering, with the goal of creating unique, safe mine process technologies. With the majority of failures in this field by companies trying to isolate simple bacteria from a tailings sample and control them for remediation, Bio-Mine's discovery of a very large Adaptive, extreme Bio-community has begun the next evolution in the field of bio-tech in mining.

Extreme Bio-Community

Bio-Mine proprietary bank or ogranisms is made up of several species of eukaryotes and prokaryotes, that can workitogether in any environment essentially to "survive". Its the survival of the community that gives Bio-Mine the tools to perform tasks in the mine site processes whether it be pre-treatment, recovery or remediation. Depending on the environment, the availability of oxygen and the food sources, different members of the community will step up and flourish while the others will remain dorment. For example, in an environment where pH is 10, and anaerobic (no oxygen), a certain number of members will grow, depending on available nutrients i.e Carbon Nitrogen, Phosphorus...etc. If you change their environment for example, by Dropping the pH to 3, and adding oxygen, a completely different set of organisms will flourish again depending on the nutrients and the rest will again go dormant. This is the adaptive nature of our bank and why its so special for research in bio-mining. And now, our team, with the advancement of RNA/DNA analysis has indentified and annotated

various species of fungi and bacteria, that can engineered to constrcut "Custom Communities" designed per mineralogy or tailings. This bio-engineering of communities increases the strength and durability of the microbes in the mining cycle, and is evolution to all biomining being done today.


Bio-Mine's bank of organisms is growing and now we have added some of the most talented DNA/RNA specialists to our team to begin the sequencing and analysis of how specifically these incredible creatures are accomplishing their tasks together. Once we can fully understand how they work together through advanced DNA/RNA work, we can build a solution for an operator made up of specific members needed in the custom bio-community to accomplish the goals. Bio-Mine is deeply entrenched into biological engineering of complete ecosystems or communities of species custom designed for a mine process like leaching or remediation. This is a tremendous excitement for the mining world, as we unlock never before envisioned interactions with mining and bio-tech.

CRISPR / Synthetic

Once the patterns and DNA/RNA of the members inside the communities are unlocked, we can begin to use the latest tools to start the man-made bio-mining journey which we believe is the true future for clean mining. Identifying enzymes and other biomolecules that can be isolated in the community and controlled, thus increasing the efficiency of the bio-community is a big part of our research. Bio-Mine has already extracted some very important enzymes for mine remediation and is currently researching on mass producing them for tools such as synthetic bio-filtration and in-situ remediation. Here in our labs, some of the brightest scientists in the fields of DNA/RNA work every day, continually pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible in the field of Bio-Tech for mining.